Split with Prisoner 639, Acid Shark and MyManMike

by Share Your Needles

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released August 13, 2014




Share Your Needles Ghent, Belgium

Band started in 2013 with Stan, Punker, Bulle and Marloes. ONE year later Jona and Cutina joined. Band split up in the summer of 2015

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Track Name: II - No More Control
We are the pollution! We are the problem!
A spreading Cancer, destroying everything which we hold dear.
Something has to be done, something has to change!
We can't live on like this!
Slaves of a system controlled by a minority.
Still we follow in their stupidity.
We have to wake up, see what's going on and take a stand!

No more control, governements must fall!
Humans deployed, Systems destroyed!
Bombs are falling, people are crawling!
Break the illusion, stop the confusion!

Moral grounds on which we stand: Fall of modern man.
Blood is spilled, Humans killed!
There's no escape from our fate.
No such thing as something free!
Slaves of a system desperatly!
Track Name: VII - Revenge
We're gonna get you, we're gonna kill you
When you sleep, I'll cut your throat
Take your eyes with me
I laugh and I dance, high on your grave

Did you have fun, recluding me
Did you have fun, ruining my life
Did you have fun, beatin' me up
Did you have fun, being my disguise

I'm gonna rip your throat
Smash your skull
Cut your veins
Crush your legs
Blast your heart
Chewing your bones
A man teared apart

Did you have fun, laughing at me
Did you have fun, not letting me go
Did you have fun, chaining people to beds
Now you'll experience:
My revenge!

Standing for revenge, eyes are opened
When you awake
Whisper to you softly, I'm telling you kindly:
Taste my revenge
Track Name: IX - Share Your Needles
We are Share your needles
Society scum
We don't give a fuck
Death will always be the outcome

Judge us all you want, You don't have a clue:
Who we are, where we come from, what in life we do

We are Share your needles
Against the system they create
Politics and religion
Fills us up with hate

Rascist, homophobes, put against the wall
Shoot those fucking cunts before they become our downfall

We are Share your needles
Here to have some fun
Drink all the beers, smoke all the weed
Travel till the land of the rising sun